Users have asked certain questions more often

How can I be sure that my paper will be original

Each writer at EssayPerch clearly understands that they risk losing their account if they use any plagiarized materials. But then again, it is still recommended to check your paper for plagiarism before releasing funds to your writer. If after releasing the funds, and you detect plagiarism, you can contact the support team for full refund of the amount you paid

How can I change my order earlier instructions after posting it

The moment you have posted your order and writers have started to bid for it, you still have the opportunity to make any changes whatsoever, in terms of the title, length or overall question. You can always do this by editing the order details, which has a button that’s located on the order page. Any modifications of the order details will be alerted to the writers, and in case you have already chosen a writer, it is advisable to let the writer beware of these changes

How do I fill in the order form?

Placing an order is fast and simple at EssayPerch. The beautiful nature of our website is that you are not required to register when placing an order, as you can do this while submitting your order. While this is so, beware that your personal information will not be given to other writers or students conditioned by our company privacy policy. A student client will be required to put other details to his or her respective order, such as; selecting a deadline, uploading other materials for the writer, and indicate other additional requirements for your paper.

How do the essay writing services on EssayPerch work?

EssayPerch operates as a freelance online board for both writers and clients. In this website, students can easily post their orders while writers can bid on them.

How sure can I be that all writers on the website are qualified

EssayPerch is pegged on quality and professionalism. We have rigorous evaluation process, which ensures that we get writers who have high working standards and are also well-educated. Besides this, we have a transparent rating system, where customers’ feedback acts as the best tool to show each writer’s experience and performance. Additionally, our company closely track the performance of every writer to make sure we have employed the best of the best. If we come across any issues, like plagiarism, poor communication with customers, lateness or any sort of unprofessionalism, we may issue a warning to the writer, which will also be indicated on the writer’s profile. So you can make use of our rating system and select the best writer according to your order’s discipline.

How will a writer receive payment for any work done

There are two different options on how you can pay your writer. You can load your money to your account on EssayPerch website, and then pay from your EssyPerch account balance, or just paying directly using Paypal services. Paying your writer through Paypal is safe and secure. However to ensure there is greater security, please keep your personal details completely personal and confidential

How will I access my paper when completed

The moment the writer has been paid for work done, you will have the opportunity to download your final paper. This will be in two formats, namely; MS Word document or PDF file. You will simply choose the type of format you want and Voila! You will receive you paper.

How will I be able to send my case study/materials/articles to the writer

You are able to send any additional materials for the writer, be it an outline, rough draft, or any reading material, at the point of filling out your order form. This is done by selecting them from your computer and making an attachment

Is this service confidential and can I delete my account

We guarantee our customers complete confidentiality, provided they do not share their personal information with the writer, perhaps when chatting or any back and forth communication. As long as you do not give out your personal information, no one will be aware of your location, your email address, or even name. Moreover, sharing of your personal information is against the rules and regulations of our company. However, when you feel that you will no longer require our services again, you are free to delete your account. But please beware that upon deletion of your account, you will not be able to restore it, and you will be forced to open a new account when you want you use our services again.

I’m I required to pay to submit an order on EssayPerch

No, it is free of charge. You can fill out an order form and submit your order for our team of writers to check. You can sometime chat with your writer to provide you with a short introduction, just to assess their writing skills and select the most qualified writer in your respective discipline. However, you will only be required to deposit the necessary funds after you are ready to assign a writer and these funds will be set aside for the order.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with how my paper has been done

Should this happen, our company demands that you do not pay for any order that is not up to par with what the clients wants. However, any payment done in such a situation will be completely non-refundable. You can always contact your writer via our special chat feature and request for revision. If this does not work, you are allowed to cancel your order and leave a feedback depicting your dissatisfaction. After that, place a new order and go ahead in carefully choosing another writer

What is the format of your custom essays?

There are various formatting styles that you can select when placing an order (APA, MLA, Turabian/Chicago or also Not Applicable), and upon doing so you will receive a paper that has been well formatted in accordance with the requirements of this specific style. However, when you do not require any title page, heading, or references formatted (for example, if you are requesting a curriculum vitae), you should select “Not Applicable” option and the paper will be delivered in a plain MS Word document.

What makes EssayPerch more reliable than any other essay writing services?

On our website, our clients get all of the following packages; • Lots of orders and bids • Clients have the unique opportunity to personally chat with writers • Direct coordination between writers and clients • Account ratings and statistics are open and available • Transactions are always secure provided the client does not share their personal information • Clients are only required to pay for orders that they are only satisfied with

What should I do if I forget my password

If you happen to forget your password, please click on the link forget password, which is placed below the “Login” section on the website.

When will my order be completed

When placing for an order, you are expected to choose a specific deadline by which you will require your paper done. Your paper will be delivered at any time you choose, including instances of deadline shortening or extension

Writers location

We hire writers from both English and Non-English speaking countries. However, we ensure that we get the best writers who can handle any order that you request in our company. Please feel free to ask your writer’s location directly through the chat feature.

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